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Neriman Kara

Neriman had already made amazing progress with us before taking part in our very first retreat. She had already lost 15kg, but then lost another 5 during our Level Up Transformation Retreat program. She was so excited to use this program to get her to her next weight loss goal.

"I was on a bit of a journey...For me it was about how I can embed what I had already discovered and close the gap in the knowledge areas. It was aligned to what I was already doing. It was also a 6 week program that would drive me to do a little bit more exercise than normal."

"Going into the pre-program I thought there wasn't a lot I could learn that I hadn't already figured out, but honestly, I found it so beneficial. Even the food component, having the food list, and looking at holistically in terms of sleep, and stress. And all the other elements that make up the program."

"I joined every single education session and found that every single time it was reinforcing what I was already doing, but covering all the gaps that I perhaps wasn't aware of."

"Coming into the program I was a little apprehensive on whether I could keep up. And I set myself a hard task...I've proven myself wrong. I've loved every bit of it and was able to keep up with the boys!"

"The every day benefits for me from the program is being mindful of everything. From food choices, to water intake, to activity, to going to bed early. It's really making sure that's top of mind."

"It's given me my self-confidence back. I now focus on the activities I can do and all the clothes I can wear."

"It doesn't matter if, you can or can't do it. If you've got the right mindset, you just need to trust the program."

Matt Vella

Matt had been training at TBFT for a few years and decided to take part in our first retreat. He had such a wonderful time that he still can't stop talking about the benefits of the program. He lost over 10% of his body weight while on the program, so we were so happy to give him his $500 cash back reward.

"Before I started this program, I was exercising quite regularly, and had tried for many years to lose weight. I had lost a little bit of weight, but at the same time my eating had become worse, so I hadn't lost a lot of weight and was feeling quite disappointed with my lack of progress."

"I thought the work was going to be done while we were away. But what I learned is that all the work was done in the pre-program. So much education. So much effort. So much intensity. And so much amazing results during that pre-program. That the week away was really just the icing on the cake."

"One of the things I've struggled with was accountability. Over the program it was first about being accountable to you, but certainly over the 5 or 6 weeks I have taken that on myself. So I'm very confident I can maintain that accountability. Because I have systems in place. And now with zero effort I can keep on track and maintain accountability." 

"The week away was the icing on the cake and where the education and implementation of the education came together. The food and the variety has been amazing. The facilities, the company and the conversations all amazing. Conversations have been focused around health so it's been concentrated. I've made friendships that will continue beyond the retreat."

"The biggest positive for me has been the education. To help me understand what I've been doing wrong for 25 years. The really good thing for me is the education has been around things that I'm very confident I can continue with ongoing."

Gina Mammone

Gina has been on a really big weight-loss journey while at TBFT (lost 30kg+), and took part in the retreat program to help accelerate her progress.

"I was at a time when I needed another challenge. I wanted something to push me up another level."

"The fact that we got to do it with other people, similar ages, similar motivation, similar values, made me feel much more comfortable about it, because I'd been doing everything on my own before then."

"The pre-program gave me information, it gave me the format and did make me more accountable to others. It was easier than I thought it was going to be. I didn't find it daunting."

"The week away at the retreat, I've been able to meet similar people. Similar ages, who set goals, achieve them, but are also challenged by similar things in life. This was really significant to me. I got a lot out of the other people. Participation in the food, and the exercises, the walking and the weight training. It was fun, we were all very different but similar as well." 

"The weight loss has been significant, but I'm also getting that shape again."

"I feel much more alive. I don't feel hungry very often. The intermittent fasting has been a good learning experience. And I'll take that with me."

"I'd say to people who are wanting to do this, is to invest in yourself! It's a huge investment into your long-term future. And to grab it with every ounce of your body. Every ounce of your mind. Spend some time on yourself. It's never too late to start."

Kerstin Masson

Kerstin has lost 6.5kg over the time she's been on the program, is physically better at tennis now, and is feeling physically more fit and healthy. 

"I had started taking medication for migraines and had put on a lot of weight. I was feeling frumpy, unfit, unhealthy. I really wanted to lose weight to feel fit and healthy again."

"I was apprehensive at first because of my workload and wasn't sure if I could take the time off. Originally, I said 'no' but then I made the commitment, and with your help I was going to manage to attend while enabling me to work when I needed to as well."

"Having the Trainerize app and being accountable, having all the information on there, helped me be focused, and helped me start getting fit and losing the weight."

"It's been the best experience I've had. I've loved every minute of it - the walking, back to nature all the time, challenging myself on the walks, the canoeing and the food has been amazing. It's been the best week, and the best people here as well."

"I love the accountability - what I don't do is recorded, what I do is recorded and that makes me accountable, and you guys look at it. That was really important to me."

"You weren't pushed to do things that you weren't physically able to do. Every person was treated as an individual based on their abilities. You weren't forced to do anything because you were here to enjoy it as well. You were challenged and it was really rewarding when you succeeded in those challenges.

"Do it! Do it! Do it! It's been the best thing, and I'll definitely be back for the next one."

Anthony Tyson

Anthony lost over 10% of his body weight on this program. Before the program he could never get it all together regarding nutrition and exercise and was the same weight for 6 or 7 years. He needed to learn what to do, and how to do it.

"For me it was all about the knowledge of the program. The fact that it was an all-encompassing program education piece." 

"The pre-program was fantastic, the sheets of the food gave us a clear guide of what you can and can't eat. There was a wide variety on there. I found it easy to adapt from that point, to set up my food structure." 

"I now know what to do to be able to stay like this. And if by chance I happen to fall back a bit, I know how to get back. The knowledge is the biggest thing for me. I know what to do and how to do it now. I can adopt it easier."

"I'm sleeping better, I'm less stressed at work, I'm more measured, and I'm more in controI. I just feel 100% better. I can do more in the gym than I've ever been able to do. I can run faster. I'm just better in every way. I'm recovering quicker. I feel the best I've felt in 10 years!"

"If you want to commit to a change, this is the program for you. It's transformative, it will change your life. It's changed mine".


Gary Tyler

Gary has lost about 7% of his body weight, and feels like he can continue on with this way of life without too much trouble. He has embedded some great habits and has a sensible plan of how to move forward towards better health. He was a novice to both good nutrition and exercise, but came with a great attitude and consequently got so much out of this program.

"I was aware I needed to lose weight, but didn't know how to go about it. I had no plan."

"My wife talked me into it. She didn't want to do it alone. I'm really pleased with how it's gone".

"The pre-program was great as it gave me an insight of what to expect. You can't make a switch over night. It has to be a staged process. It is as much about knowledge as it is about physical activity. I learned a lot during the pre-program so I was well equipped when it came to the retreat."

"I thought it was useful to be able to work out and record it. I could actually see the incremental changes. I could see the weight changes, and my fitness rising." 

"So my wife talked me into it, but I was just as enthusiastic as her in the end."

"You learn in the education sessions, but you also learn through other people. It makes you feel better. I learned that losing weight is not linear, it goes up and down, but it's the trend that you need to look at."

"I didn't come into this program with any experience in gym work. So just learning how to do exercise safely and effectively was a big takeaway."

"It's a really good feeling when you set out to do something and you achieve it. I didn't have lofty ideals or think I was going to lose a certain amount of weight. I didn't set goals that were too demanding, but the most positive thing for me was that I could do it. I didn't think I'd be able to do half the things."

"My sleep patterns have improved and my hydration. I've made drinking water part of my habits. My water bottle is an extension of myself now, which has made a huge difference in my health and sleeping patterns."

"I've learned a lot more about myself and my body, than I had before." 

"My wife said to me ''give it a go, don't be cynical". You hear a lot of things about different programs, but I found this program to be a lot of fun, educational, and over the whole time I was doing it, I was moving towards a positive goal, and the skills and knowledge that I've taken have been very useful."

Tracey Tyler

Tracey joined our health retreat to reset her lifestyle, and to reverse her recent weight gain and declining health. Through the pre-program preparation, she established new habits and mentally prepared herself. During the retreat, she enjoyed tasty food, tried new things, reconnected with nature, and experienced a mindset shift, prioritizing internal health. Feeling happier and lighter, Tracey now values nourishing food and meaningful experiences.

"Before the program started I was the heaviest I had been in my life. Not even when I was 9 months pregnant. And health-wise I was on a downwards trajectory. I didn't feel healthy even though I was doing some training."

"I saw my health declining and saw my husbands' health declining. So I thought this was an opportunity to reset. I knew there were things I should have been doing, but I wasn't doing them. Time to take our health in our hands and move forward."

"I felt the pre-program was absolutely vital, it gave me time to think about what I should be doing and put new habits in place. To prepare myself on a physical and mental level."

"The food has been awesome. It's been great to have fresh food, been great to participate. I've tried things I wouldn't normally try. I've liked that."

"The activity has been great. I haven't been looking at my weight loss as much as reconnecting with nature and just getting out and about and doing things you wouldn't normally do."

"It's been good to see people open up about themselves and you find a connection there. The group has been great."

"The greatest positive for me has been a mindset shift. I started the program with a weight loss focus, but I'm ending the program with a focus on internal health. And I know that if I nurture myself with the right food, and give myself the right experiences with nature, it's better for my mental wellbeing and spiritual wellbeing. And if I get these things right, the rest will follow."

"I think I'm happier. I feel lighter. I don't know whether that is a mental cloud lifting, or if my physical health is improving. I just feel better in so many spaces. If I tried to look at this as just about weight loss and physical ability, then that's restricting the benefits I'm making. I've had a mind shift around that. I've appreciated just going on a walk and appreciating what I see. I feel that the food I'm eating is the best food I can be putting into my body, and my body will respond to that."

"Do it, you have nothing to lose, but so much to gain. Just do it!"

Kelly Sharples

Kelly joined our retreat program with the goal of giving herself a health re-boot. She got that plus more! She connected with like-minded, similar aged peers and soaked up valuable knowledge. She did her thing at her own pace and found her groove through cooking up healthy meals, finding inner peace with meditation, and taking care of herself. 

"Before I started the program I was at a bit of a stand-still. I'd lost 14kg, then I gained 3 back. I just needed a reboot for my mental health, to get back on track and consider adding more exercise in my weekly schedule."

"The education side and listening to a lot of the stuff you spoke about. I was a little familiar with. But then there were bits that were really beneficial."

"For me coming away has been good from a perspective that I have actually had to relax a little bit. I didn't have all these things going on in my life. The food has been brilliant, and I've made some really nice friends and connections. Getting to know you two trainers has been great."

"The positive I've taken out of this experience is that I can go at my own pace, not feel guilty about it and not feel that I have to keep up with everyone."

"I'm looking forward to establishing some of these recipes and things I've been learning with my family. Just to know that I can cook healthy for the whole family, and that it can be enjoyable. I don't have to feel like I always have to be in a rush for it. This was the most beneficial part for me, the food prep, because that was what I needed to reboot."

"The health and mindset benefits that I've noticed, is that I have been taking time to do some meditation. Focus on breathing, focus on trying to repair myself."


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