Hear why our online clients love training with us remotely in the comfort and convenience of their own home!

Heather Gordon

Heather has finally found the right fit for exercise. She loves training at home and can't believe how much she is now enjoying exercising.

"I don't like the idea of going to a gym. So I decided to give it a go. I find it is just the right sort of fit for me. The focus on health and safety and really just improving my lifestyle was a big part of it for me."

"Small groups and often one-on-one sessions has been perfect for me. It makes me feel confident that I'm doing things safely and correctly. They push you just the right amount and give you the right amount of challenge. Working with other people in this age group makes it feel like it's doable." 

"The appointments give you the right amount of accountability. I can feel the difference in my balance, and I can feel the difference in my strength, and that's motivating me to keep going."

John Roberts

John had concerns initially about online training, but now knows it works perfectly well for him. He loves the attention he gets in the live semi-private personal training sessions and loves the ease and convenience of doing it in the privacy of his own home without the travel time to and from a gym. 

"I had just retired. I was feeling lethargic and lacking energy. I had the time. Working in small groups is a great advantage, the trainers are very attentive and always there to help you. You're not lost in the crowd and get constant attention when you need it."

"They continually ask you if you have injuries or sore spots so you don't do damage to yourself. I found the program very well-tuned into my individual needs. It's great working with people my same age. I feel comfortable and relaxed in the environment."

"I have more energy, less nanna naps. I'm more motivated and want to do everything I can to maintain my fitness level. I feel better. People say I look different, and that I look well. I feel well. I can feel the results."

Gina Mammone

Gina has had a wonderful journey with us and has achieved an amazing transformation. She loves the age-appropriate exercises that keep her well and mobile. She isn't the biggest fan of doing cardio, but enjoys the low-impact cardio that the program includes. She loves the balance work we do and sees this as an important part of the program to prevent falls.

"After a year of being locked down, I had found that my mobility had become challenging, I was unable to walk up stairs, all my joints were in pain. Even when I tried to do things like walking. I couldn't do the things to get me through day-to-day life."

"Most other programs were age groups where I couldn't keep up. I needed to do something about me. I wanted a program that was enabling for me."

"I've enjoyed doing my sessions from home. It was a great opportunity, to set up a dedicated area for my private gym in my home. I still feel like I'm part of a group with other people trying to achieve goals, even though it's a personal journey for me. Even though it's on my own, I don't ever feel alone." 

"I can see improvements due to the consistency that I've created and the routine I've created. I can get off the floor easier. I can have a laugh with the trainers. I don't feel intimidated at all by the environment."

Karen Cooke

Karen has been training with TBFT for 10+ years now! She initially trained in the studio but transitioned to training online during lockdowns and now does a combination of both. Before starting at TBFT, she was working long hours and weekends, was physically exhausted and overweight and often skipped meals. She finally made the change and did something for herself. And we're glad she did!

"It had to work around my work, I needed flexibility. Total Balance, was flexible, I could change days and times around my work. This was important for me to stick with it. Joining TBFT was the best thing I ever did for myself."

"The 50 plus strength builder program involves working in small groups with people of similar ages. This means we have similar needs. There are age-appropriate exercises. And although we have similar needs, exercises are always adjusted for the individual."

"The trainers always check-in with us before a session. They may give us specific stretches to do. They continually check in, and ask us how our weights are feeling, they comment on our technique, and tell us what muscle groups we are using. It's a two-way conversation between you and the trainer."

"Each trainer has made a commitment to know you, your goals and your needs."


Jackie Cousland

Jackie is a pleasure to train, and she has made drastic improvements in her posture and strength in a very short space of time. She is feeling mentally healthier, has more energy and is blown away by her improved mobility and flexibility!

"I was feeling run down, had difficulty getting out of bed in the morning, my joints were stiff, my mobility getting in and out of the car was getting more difficult. I'd noticed my shoulders were hunched over and I was becoming stooped, occasionally getting a sore back. I wanted to halt that progression and possibly improve my situation."

"I'm finding it really good to work in small groups and getting to know other people who are in my same situation. Because they are the same age, they've usually got the same factors holding them back, and I wasn't keen to do it by myself."

"It's good having a trainer to sort out the program for you and adapt it to the individual. Because each program goes for several weeks, by the time you get to the end, they change it, and you don't have to think about it. It's really great to have the trainers there to motivate you and run the program." 

"Working out from home has been really convenient. No travel time. No sharing equipment and wiping it down. It's just easy to attend."

"My core is a lot stronger; I'm not getting a sore back anymore. My flexibility is not great still, but it is improving. I'm standing taller, I'm not stooped over, and my shoulders are squared. My balance has improved - drying my toes in the morning is not a problem!"

"My mental wellbeing has improved from the exercise."

Wendy Daugher

Wendy now has so much more energy, strength and enjoys that she can now be more active with family and friends. She is loving the changes she is seeing and is now able enjoy her life a lot more. Well done Wendy!

"For the last number of years, I've just been feeling unfit, tired, lethargic, not sleeping well. Just lacking in energy to do all the things I wanted to be doing in life. It was time to make a change."

"It's been really great working in small groups at TBFT, with a few others my age. The personal attention we get from Rob and from Mitch, is great. They are able to adapt exercises to suit what each of us need. They are able to challenge us, but in a safe way so we use correct techniques and avoid injuries."

"I love the variety, there's a really good combination of strength, low impact cardio, flexibility, mobility and balance training. It's been great for me because I've had a few injuries in the past, and as I've gotten a bit older, there has been limits to my mobility. I've noticed improvements in all of these areas. I'm feeling stronger, more flexible and able to do all the things in my life more easily."

"It's a very supportive, safe and enjoyable way to train."

Zoe Beck

Zoe was hesitant about training from home but is really enjoying it. She is loving the convenience. She is enjoying that the workouts are challenging, but also energizing, so she can still enjoy the rest of her day without feeling exhausted.

"I had been a member of gyms throughout most of my adult life. But had let it slip with the time constraints of my family. I was finding my body was getting quite sore when I tried to do any exercise. I had tried a couple of boot camps and they just weren't for me. I needed something more suitable to my age group."

"It's really good working in groups with similar age people. Because we have similar interests and similar things going on with our lives."

"The trainers are great, they're really fun and approachable, and always ready to modify an exercise if you need it. It's always challenging, but not to the point where you can't walk for the rest of the day or the next few days."

"I like the weights-based exercises. The cardio is challenging - you certainly feel like you've done a workout, but you're not doing heaps of running or burpees and all these really difficult exercises. They are modified to suit your age, but still really challenging. The stretching has been fantastic, and the balance work - I've found that really beneficial. It's interesting to push your body and to realise that you can actually have a really good physical workout without having to be totally exhausted by the end of it."


Kelly Sharples

Kelly loves the more patient approach we provide, which is supporting her goals to break her dieting cycle. She loves the convenience, the support, and the age-appropriate exercise. Her training has even helped her get back on the tennis court!

"I just needed to break the cycle of yo-yo dieting. And I have the challenge of dropping and gaining weight often. I think that I basically needed encouragement to know it's ok to drop the weight slowly, and that way I'll eventually get the best results over time."

"The trainers provide really great ideas on how to succeed. I don't feel judged, I just feel like I'm there to get fit. I'm finding the workouts perfect for this stage of my life. I am getting a lot stronger, and my tennis game has improved. I can now do a Pilates class without too many aches and pains." 

"I really enjoy the mobility focus and balance. It just feels really good to get that movement back in your body."

"Working out in my house has been great. Even though it is online, I've met some really great people. Everyone is really lovely."

Tracey Tyler

Tracey has been a member with us for many, many years now. Initially at our studio, but after moving more than an hour away she transitioned to our online program. She now loves the flexibility, convenience and comfort of training at home.

"I find the balance and mobility segments really good. It's a bit of a wakeup call, and as you age it's really vital. It's something that is missing in a lot of other exercise programs."

"I love training online. It saves me so much time. It's great to be in my own home exercising. I feel stronger in myself. I feel my posture is improving. I have built an awareness of how I move on a daily basis, and I find that some of the techniques you use in lifting weights carry across into daily activities."

It all starts with the decision to get started. Take your life to a whole new level.


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