Rob’s life passion is health and fitness. He lives and breathes it! At the young age of 13, Rob started training himself and immediately developed a love for it. From that point on he was hooked, and compelled to help others share in his passion. Over those 26 years Rob has developed an abundant wealth of knowledge and experience in all things health and fitness that he loves to share with others.


  • Diploma Health Science (Remedial Massage)
  • Certificate III In Fitness – Gym Instructor
  • Certificate IV In Fitness – Personal Trainer
  • First Aid – Level II
  • Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner (Currently completing)
  • Chek Institute Scientific Back Training Certificate
  • Chek Institute Scientific Shoulder Training Certificate
  • Chek Institute Scientific Core Conditioning Certificate
  • Chek Institute Program Design Certificate
  • Physical Activity Australia Professional Registration

Q & A:

Q1. What’s your background / experience as a personal trainer?

I’ve been a trainer for 17 years and run a studio for the past 16 years.

Q2. What is your philosophy on health and fitness?

I am super passionate about health and fitness and am a big believer in walking-your-talk. I believe in holistic health and that in order to be healthy, not just free of disease but optimally healthy (awesome energy levels, feel amazing, have a zest for life and jump out of bed in the morning charged and ready to tackle the day head on) that you need to maintain a balance of good healthy clean food, adequate movement and exercise everyday as well as good quality rest, sleep and recovery, you need to have a balanced and positive mindset, get adequate outdoors time and Vitamin D from the sun, as well as minimise your exposure to harmful stressors, whether it be from poor food choices, alcohol or even mental and emotion stresses.

Q3. Why did you become a personal trainer?

Over 26 years ago I began strength training and eating healthy, and ever since then have been a huge advocate for that way of life. As a teenager in high school, I was the go to guy to ask about exercises and often helped friends and family design balanced exercise routines for their goals. It only made sense for me to continue into this field once completing high school as it is, and always has been my biggest passion in life. I love seeing clients discover the many quality of life benefits of being fit and healthy that they may never have even realised would happen.

Q4. How would you describe your training style?

Firm when needed but generally positive, informative and a stickler for detail on technique.

Q5. How do you stay on top of the latest fitness research and information?

I love to learn and spend many hours a week reading, listening to and watching exercise, nutrition and natural health-related studies, new ideas and training concepts.