Emily brings light, positive energy and a great sense of humour to all of her training sessions. But don’t be fooled, she’s no pushover when it comes to creating challenging workouts! Em’s a very dedicated exerciser herself and comes from quite a competitive crossfit training background, so is a great motivator and example for fellow mums and women.


  • Certificate III In Fitness – Gym Instructor
  • Certificate IV In Fitness – Personal Trainer
  • First Aid – Level II
  • Punchfit Trainer Program
  • Kettlebells Essentials for Bootcamps and Personal Trainers
  • Exercise through Pregnancy & Beyond
  • Understanding Estrogen
  • Fitness Australia Professional Registration
  • Nutrition Coach - Sports & Exercise Nutrition
  • Women's Coaching Specialisation (in progress)

Q & A:

Q1. Why did you become a personal trainer?

I want to help break down barriers to exercise and help others enjoy exercise as much as I do. I have been on both ends of the fitness spectrum and understand first-hand what it means to feel healthy, and the positive flow on the effect it has to your entire life. I know that moving your body every day makes you feel terrific, and I want as many people as possible to feel the same way.

I have grown up in Diamond Creek and always lived in the area. I want to work with people in my own community to become healthier.

Q2. What’s your philosophy on health and fitness?

I think health and fitness is a journey that evolves over your life. There’s no one right way to be fit and healthy, it is incredibly individual and it can change as your life, situation and interests change. As long as what you choose challenges you, and you enjoy it, then you will do it consistently, and that consistency is extremely important.

Q3. How would you describe your training style?

Flexible and varied. I believe there are numerous ways to get stronger and fitter, and life is too short to do things you don’t enjoy. As long as the intensity is there, there are many different ways to train effectively.

Q4. How do you stay on top of the latest fitness research and information?

I read a lot on all things health, fitness, and wellness related. I have undertaken a number of different courses to expand my skills, particularly in Nutrition. I also have a keen interest in training women, have built skillsets on understanding pregnancy, understanding female hormones, and I am currently completing a Womens Coaching Specialisation to better help my female clients who are going though perimenopause. I have plans to continue to build my skillset around training women and older populations.