So how do you actually maintain that motivation beyond the first few weeks or moth of the year to "STAMP-IN" the new patterns of behavior that ae going to make your New Years resolutions a reality? The start of a new year, for most of us, is normally a time we think back and assess where we are in life and the things we want to change and improve on in the coming year ahead. Whether it's financial, health and fitness, relationships or even time-related, it's generally accompanied by promises and thoughts and statements beginning with: "This year I'm going to....more/less.".

The key is to make it as clear as possible in your own mind as to WHY making these changes, and hence reaching a certain outcome, is so important to you and how you will FEEL if you DO or DON’T follow through on your intentions.

To help you out with the process I’ve put together 8 essential questions you need to answer to cement in your mind why it’s so important you make good on your new year's resolutions…..

Q1. What are the RISKS and DANGERS if you don’t stick to your resolutions? (Make a list)

  • If I don’t change my eating and drinking habits I could have a heart attack, stroke or develop diabetes. 
  • If I don’t start exercising regularly and lose at least 20kgs I won’t be able to fit into the clothes I want to wear.


Q2. How will these things impact your life and the lives of your loved ones?

  • I could DIE leaving my kids with no dad to provide and share memorable life experiences with. I will never get to teach my son to kick a footy or get to walk my daughter down the aisle at her wedding.
  • I will be unhappy, miserable and feel self-conscious all the time; I will avoid certain social events and miss out on fun with friends and family.


Q3. How will you FEEL if you give up and don’t stick with your resolutions?

  • Miserable, like a failure, fat, sluggish, tired, depressed, etc….


Q4. How will your life be better (medium term and down the track long term) by sticking to your resolutions?

  • I’ll be comfortable and confident wearing the clothes I like and I’ll feel proud and content when I see my reflection in the mirror.
  • I’ll feel lighter, healthier and most of all good about myself. I’ll feel happy knowing that I’ll never have to miss out on any important parts of my kids' lives. I’ll feel more relaxed physically and mentally, I’ll have more energy, I’ll be in a better mood. I’ll feel fit, healthy and ready to take on the world and confident that I’ll be around to maybe even see the grandkids grow up.


Q5. With the end goal in mind, construct a specific workable plan to get you there?

  • I’m going to cut my drinking down to every second day for a month, then only weekends in month two and then only 1 night per week in month three to only on special occasions then onwards.
  • On Monday I’m organising an appointment with a dietitian to get a meal plan prepared and I am signing up with a PT for 3 x sessions per week.
  • I’m going to work out with a trainer 3 x per week on a Monday / Wednesday / Friday for an hour, on every other day I’m going to walk for 30mins on my lunch break.


Q6. What possible roadblocks and saboteurs may you encounter and how are you going to prevent them from derailing you? (Make a list)

  • I have a tendency to sleep in when I know I should be going to the gym…….so I will hire an in-home PT that will be at my door waking me up whether I like it or not.
  • My family have fish and chips on a Friday night and I can’t say no when they offer it to me… I’ve organised to do a yoga class on a Friday night so I won’t be there to get tempted.
  • I get stuck eating crap at social gatherings because there are no healthy options…….so I’m going to eat a healthy meal before I go out so that I’m full and don’t get tempted.


Q7. What type of reward system can I create to positively reinforce my new behaviours?

  • Put $2 in a jar every time I do a workout and once I reach $100 buy a new item of clothing I’ve wanted (and now will look good in and feel comfortable wearing).


Q8. What excuses could I possibly come up with to NOT follow through on my new years resolutions and how are these excuses INVALID?

  • I’m too busy to fit in my exercise sessions……I can easily find countless people out there busier than I am that DO FIND THE TIME to exercise, I just need to put it higher on my priority list.
  • It’s getting too expensive to keep my trainer and go to a dietitian regularly……the money I save by not drinking every night, taking my own lunch to work every day, not smoking, not needing ongoing medications and doctor visits more than compensates for the investment in my health let alone the extra quality of life (sex-life, energy, happy-endorphins etc…)


Now by answering all these questions it should be very clear in your mind WHY you can, should and must follow through and stick with your resolutions. Keep your written answers to the above questions and if you start to stray from your goals read over it and get RE-MOTIVATED!!!

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