Is your healthy eating routine starting to leave you more frustrated than full? Well, then it may be time for you to get a little more creative in the kitchen! As a personal trainer I often get told by people that “eating healthy is boring”, and it’s no wonder they feel that way when their healthy eating go-to’s are frozen veggies and the same tired old chicken breast. If you’ve been stuck on repeat with meat and three veg it’s no surprise that your tastebuds might be craving a burger with the lot!

So how do you make the shift from caving-in to heavy doses of processed fats and sugars to nourishing, healthy food? It all boils down to variety and flavour. Depriving your body of enjoyment will set you on a fast track to failure. If you want to keep your tastebuds on your team then I’d recommend introducing a variety of real food spices, sauces and tastier dishes into your kitchen.

Not sure where to start? Here are 4 quick tips to get your tastebuds jumping at meal time:

1. Find your inspiration 

The Internet is an amazing resource, not only for endless recipes but to make connections with chefs, bloggers and food suppliers who inspire and motivate you to eat well. If you’re looking to keep all your recipes in the one place you’ve got to try Pinterest where you can share and save all your favourite recipes.

2. Get saucy in the kitchen! 

Whilst you need to be careful with dips, spreads and sauces as many of the store-bought varieties are loaded with unhealthy processed fats, sugars and other nasties, healthy homemade versions of these are truly the magicians of the kitchen, turning simple food into taste sensations. Adding a little avocado and lime spread to your grilled chicken, or hummus to your steamed vegies, is an easy and healthy way to add a hit of flavour to an otherwise bland meal. Just be sure to read the labels and keep an eye on measurements and portions.

3. Keep it fresh 

There’s nothing worse than eating lifeless veggies that have seen better days. You’ll get the most nutrients and flavour out of fresh fruit and vegetables that haven’t spent a life sentence in the bottom of your fridge! Buying local (when possible), seasonal produce ensures a meal that not only tastes great but is great for you too.

4. We all need a plan 

If you’ve had a busy day at work, or the kids have kept you on your toes, its all too easy to reach out and get your flavour kick from fast food when you don’t have a game plan. Block out some time on a Sunday to pick and plan your meals for the week ahead, then commit to it!


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