First of all, let me make it clear, if you are trying to lose weight, ANY form of alcohol is going to be counter-productive and is just going to clock-up EXTRA EMPTY CALORIES that you’ll have to do extra work to burn off! THAT’S THE PLAIN TRUTH. However, I understand that some of you reading this may find it near impossible to completely cut alcohol out of your life. So if that sounds like you and you’re willing to do EXTRA exercise to counter balance an OCCASIONAL few drinks, then it’s probably going to be helpful to know which drinks are the best and worst to have.


As you can see below, premixed drinks are astronomically high in calories and are loaded full of sugar. If you are trying to lose weight these are best avoided COMPLETELY!

  • Vodka cruiser – 173 calories (275ml bottle)
  • Jim Beam and coke – 168 calories (330ml bottle)
  • UDL passion fruit – 210 calories (375ml bottle)
  • Bacardi Breezer – 140 calories (275ml bottle)
  • Bundaberg rum and coke – 248 calories (375ml can)
BEER – Not so Great

Beers do vary from brand to brand and type to type, but as a general rule “light beer” will have less calories than lager and lager will have less calories than an ale. Generally, the more flavor the more calories!

  • Pure Blonde low carb – 107 calories (335ml bottle)
  • Corona  – 139 calories (330ml bottle)
  • VB – 146 calories (375ml bottle)
  • Hahn super dry – 107 calories (335ml bottle)
  • Carlton draught – 139 calories (375ml bottle)
  • Non-alcoholic - Can be under 50 calories (375ml can)

WINE – Not Much Better

As much as 'they' will try and convince you that wine is healthy, in my opinion the negatives far out-way any positives, especially when it comes to weight loss. Wine varies from type to type but on average a 750ml bottle of red or white wine will have around 510 calories and the same size bottle of champagne will have around 556 calories. When compared to beer it actually has more calories per ml but most people tend to drink less per sitting compared to beer.


When it comes to mixed drinks, knowing the ingredients is vitally important. Now I know a lot of you reading this are going to say YUCK NO WAY, but I urge you to try it before you pass judgment. Your absolute best option is mixing a spirit with water. The benefit is it actually helps keep you hydrated and lessens the severity of hangovers. And when you look below and consider how low in calories it is, it’s well worth the sacrifice IF LOSING WEIGHT IS TRULY IMPORTANT TO YOU. If you want some bubbles you can opt for soda water instead and still get the super low-calorie benefits as well. But don’t despair if you can’t do straight spirits with water or soda water, you can add a 30ml shot of orange, pineapple or other juice (just be sure it has no added sugar – cranberry usually has loads of sugar added) for a bit of flavor and only around 10 extra calories.

  • Frangelico soda water with slice of lime – 70 calories (standard glass)
  • Vodka and water with slice of lime – 68 calories (standard glass)
  • Bacardi water with 30ml pineapple juice – 74 calories (Standard glass)
  • Vodka soda water with 30ml orange juice – 76 calories (Standard glass)
  • Bacardi soda water 30ml Nudie (coconut, pineapple, orange, passion fruit) – 75 calories (Standard glass)


So just remember when it comes to alcohol, it’s all extra, empty calories! If you do decide to have a night out “on it” please do be extra conscious of not only what you drink but how many drinks you have. And just because you’re having lower calorie options doesn’t mean you can afford to have more drinks. Be sure to compensate for a night out on the booze by doing extra exercise above and beyond your normal routine so that you’ll stay on track with your weight loss efforts.

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